Message from the Editor

  • Published
  • By Major Allison K.W. Johnson

The Judge Advocate General's Corp's 75th Anniversary seal

Thank you to the team who helped make the 75th Anniversary Edition of The JAG Reporter possible. The collective effort and countless hours the writers and contributors from across the entire JAG Corps helped tell the important history of our Corps through vignettes, photographs, and documenting untold stories of trailblazers before us.

I would like to thank The Judge Advocate General’s School (AFJAGS) team, as well. I am eternally grateful to our illustrator, who has been pivotal in designing the website for this edition, making the vision come to life with personal graphics design and enhancing the experience for all. Thank you to the AFJAGS faculty editors who meticulously reviewed each article, double checking facts and citations.

Lastly, thank you to the JAG Corps leadership who patiently supported and guided this team effort.

Major Allison K.W. Johnson

Major Allison K.W. Johnson, USAF
Editor-in-Chief, The JAG Reporter