Article Submission Information

For Authors

The JAG Reporter publishes articles on significant, current, and developing areas of interest to the legal and military communities. Each of the sections below provides essential information for authors. 

We recommend you read this in full if you have not previously submitted a contribution to The JAG Reporter. We also recommend that, before submission, you familiarize yourself with The JAG Reporter’s style and content by reviewing some of the articles on The JAG Reporter website, particularly if you have not submitted an article recently.

Article Submission Guide

This section provides detailed instructions on formatting and how to submit your article.

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Getting Published in The JAG Reporter: The Editorial Process

This section provides an outline of the editorial process involved in publishing an article in The JAG Reporter and describes how articles are handled by editors between submission and publication.

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Author Agreement

Once the decision for conditional acceptance is made, authors will be notified and must submit a signed Author Agreement, which requires authors to strictly adhere to deadlines and other publication requirements.

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