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2020 Reporter Archive: Collection of 2020 Reporter posts
2019 Reporter Archive: Collection of 2019 Reporter posts
2018 Reporter Archive: Collection of 2018 Reporter posts

Online PDFs

Operations & International Law Taking to the Skies: The Future of Renewed Air Drug Interdiction in Latin America Capt Karina Osgood 10 Dec
Operations & International Law Primer: A Practicing Attorney’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence Maj David Jacobs and Capt Fleming Keefe 27 Oct
Military Justice Decrypting Bitcoin and Blockchain for Military Lawyers Lt Col Dean Korsak and Maj Erik Fuqua 23 Sept
Leadership Immersive Technology: The Future of Air Force JAG Corps Training Maj Danielle Crowder 24 Aug
Operations & International Law In Memoriam: Colonel W. Hays Parks Maj R. Scott Adams 24 June
Military Justice & Discipline Article 6b Representative: Who Is It and Why Do I Care? Capt Heather Houseal 27 May
Military Justice & Discipline Government Discovery Obligations in Courts-Martial Involving Confidential Informants Maj Robert Miller 29 Apr
Military Justice & Discipline Lt Col Andrew Norton 19 Mar
Operations & International Law Moon Wars: Legal Trouble in Space and Moon Law Capt Bryant Mishima-Baker 4 Mar
Military Justice & Discipline Show Me The Money: Financial Records Investigative Subpoenas and Article 30a of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) Maj Michael Pierson and Maj Ryan Fisher 11 Feb
Civil Law Mr. Michael Casillo 28 Jan
Military Justice & Discipline AFSOUTH’s Role in Peru’s Transition to an Adversarial Military Justice System Lt Col Daniel Schoeni 14 Jan
Operations & International Law
Operations & International Law The Killing of Qassem Soleimani Assassination or Lawful Military Strike? Lt Col Scott Hodges 29 Oct
Civil Law Equal Protection Under Environmental Law? Defending Federal Installations from Discriminatory State Fines Maj Mark Coon 6 Oct
Military Justice & Discipline Why the Air Force’s Current Guidance on Admitting Hearsay at Sexual Assault Discharge Boards Violates the Fifth Amendment Capt Ryan Crnkovich and Capt Adam Merzel 14 Sept
Book Review Forewarned is Forearmed: A Review of The United States v. You: A Practical Guide to the Court-Martial Process for Military Members and Their Families Lt Col Jeremy McKissack 27 Aug
Civil Law Protect Against Mayhem: The Military Lending Act May Not Let Service Members Protect Against Mayhem Col John Loran Kiel, Jr. 22 Jul
Military Justice & Discipline The Procedural Guide Lt Col Bryon Gleisner 5 Jun
Civil Law Hurricane Michael Response: Medical Legal Considerations Before, During, and After a Natural Disaster Maj Vincent DeFabo 21 May
Operations & International Law W. Hays Parks and the Law of War Maj R. Scott Adams 26 Mar
Civil Law Gone Fishin’: Discovery and Personnel Records Capt James Woodruff II 18 Feb
Operations & International Law The JAG in the Arena: The Ethical Challenges of the Operational Lawyer Lt Col Jason DeSon 6 Feb
Book Review Perilous Times: Free Speech in Wartime Capt Matthew Blyth 22 Jan
Civil Law “More than a Dependent”: Legal Professionals Advocating for Legislative Changes for Professional Military Spouses Employment Lt Col Charlton Meginley 10 Jan
Leadership The Captain's Choice Lt Col Matthew Dunham 19 Dec
Military Justice & Discipline Avoiding Voir Dire Pitfalls Lt Col Willie (Will) Babor 5 Dec
​Operations & International Law Playing the MIDFIELD: It’s High Time to Recognize Law as an Instrument of National Power Col Jeremy Weber 4 Nov
Civil Law Confronting a Worst Case Scenario: Tyndall AFB & Hurricane Michael Lt Col Daniel Watson 23 Oct
Civil Law Beyond Snowden: Understanding the Military Whistleblower Protection Act Lt Col Aaron Jackson 22 Aug
Book Review Civil Protections and Remedies for Servicemembers Ms. Cornelia Weiss, Col (Ret), USAF 8 Aug
Book Review The Law of War: A Detailed Assessment of the U.S. Department of Defense Law of War Manual Mr. Brian Cox, CAPT (Ret), USA 18 Jul
Book Review Crazy Horse and Custer: Lessons in Freedom through Discipline from Two American Warriors Maj Christopher Stein 19 Jun
Civil Law Culture Wars: The Clash Between Religion and the Rights of Same-Sex Members in the United States Air Force Mr. Thomas Becker, Col (Ret), USAF 6 Jun
Military Justice & Discipline Administrative Investigations and Non-judicial Punishment in Joint Environments Capt Balaji Narain & Capt Dustin Banks 23 May
Operations & International Law
Military Justice & Discipline R.C.M. 905(e)’s New, Incomprehensible Standard Mr. James Young, Col (Ret), USAF 9 May
Military Justice & Discipline “Why We Fight”: The Importance of Advocacy Training at The Judge Advocate General’s School Lt Col Charles Warren 25 Apr
Operations & International Law Autonomous Weapons Need Autonomous Lawyers Col Walter “Frank” Coppersmith 10 Apr
Civil Law Can You Do That? Recognizing Collateral Attacks on Military Sexual Assault Testimony through the Civil Discovery Rules in State Court Maj Douglas DeVore II 28 Mar
Military Justice & Discipline
Civil Law Understanding Environmental Remediation On An Air Force Installation Maj Michael Schrama 6 Mar
Civil Law Advising the Undocumented Military Spouse Capt Aaron R. Petty 20 Feb
Civil Law Nothing Says ‘I Love You’ Like a Contract Capt Matthew Ormsbee 6 Feb
Military Justice & Discipline How to Achieve Success in Federal Magistrate Court Capt David Rolek & Capt Gabriel Bush 23 Jan
Leadership A Movement for Temperance: A Principle, a P.O.W., and a Values-Based Plan for the Future Force Lt Col Benjamin Martin 9 Jan
Operations & International Law Are We There Yet? Applying the Legal Framework of Anticipatory Self-Defense to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Maj Megan Mallone and Capt Christine Seibert 13 Dec
Military Justice & Discipline Fighter Feedback: Utilizing F-15 Debrief Techniques to Improve Courtroom Performance Maj Benjamin Martin and Maj Mark Perry 28 Nov
Operations & International Law New Operations Law Training for a New Chapter in Colombian History Lt Col Steven Loertscher and Lt Col Jennifer Sanchez 7 Nov
Military Justice & Discipline The Court-Martial of Private Vasily Shabunin: An Obscure Trial and Its Lasting Impact on Novelist Leo Tolstoy Maj R. Scott Adams 24 Oct
Leadership President Abraham Lincoln: Embodiment of Transformational Leadership Maj Michael Schrama 10 Oct
Operations & International Law Enhancing Multi-Domain Command and Control: Attorneys and Paralegals Join the Fight in Exercise BLUE FLAG Col Michael Lewis, Maj Rodney Glassman, Maj Trenton White, and Capt John Kalis 18 Sept

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