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  • AFJAGS Podcast, Episode 69

    Major Hedden sits down with Captain Ormsbee to discuss ways in which the United States can take advantage of our existing treaty with Taiwan to help prevent Chinese Gray Zone activity in the South China Sea. This episode is a continuation of our National Security Law Competition series.

  • Veterans Day

    As we come upon this Veterans Day, we remember the sacrifices of those who have gone before us in battle, and continue to learn from those who share their experiences.

  • Military Rule of Evidence 513

    This article outlines two C.A.A.F. opinions directly addressing Mil. R. Evid. 513, Mellette and Beauge, and the implications of C.A.A.F.’s decision to allow two Army Court of Criminal Appeal’s opinions, McClure and Tinsley, to stand.

  • AFJAGS Podcast, Episode 68

    This episode is a continuation of our National Security Law Competition series. Major Davis sits down with Major Tirado to discuss how recent advancements in space technology have opened the door for our strategic competitors to take advantage of gaps in space law. Major Tirado examines the

  • AFJAGS Podcast, Episode 67

    First of a series of interviews with competitors in the National Security Law Competition. Capt McCaffrey’s discusses his paper on how our internal responses to domestic terrorism have impacted our strategic response in the Gray Zone.

  • AFJAGS Podcast, Episode 66

    We sit down with Air War College professor Dr. Liz Woodworth and AFJAGS Law Chair Lt Col Charles Gartland to review The Good Earth by Pearl Buck. The Good Earth is a novel set-in early 20th century China and describes the life of Wang Lung, a peasant farmer, and the privations his family overcomes