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JAG Reporter Articles

The JAG Reporter is published by The Judge Advocate General’s School for the Office of The Judge Advocate General, United States Air Force. Use the navigation links to view articles in the various domains: Civil Law, Leadership, Military Justice & Discipline, and Operations & International Law. Also don't forget to explore our podcasts!


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  • AFJAGS Podcast, Episode 22

    This episode is part 1 of a two-part interview with two guest experts, (Ret.) Lt Col Megan Allison and Lt Col Brandie Jeffries. In this episode, we discuss the importance of emotional intelligence (EI) and personality profiles.

  • AFJAGS Podcast, Episode 21

    We interview Lt Col James Gutzman on space law and the new U.S. Space Force which became an independent military branch in December of 2019. We explore the historical development of space law, the current space legal regime, private enterprise in space, and the challenges and opportunities in this

  • Protect Against Mayhem

    The irony is, that by singling out GAP insurance, the DoD has created a situation where service members are forced to buy lesser GAP coverage through insurance companies or third party companies.

  • AFJAGS Podcast, Episode 20

    Part two on defense support to civil authorities and domestic operations with retired Lieutenant Colonel R. Curtis McNeil. In this episode we explore the innovative legal solutions forged by Lt Col McNeil and his team through Hurricane Dorian. He offers a vivid personal account of living through

  • AFJAGS Podcast, Episode 19

    This is part one on defense support to civil authorities and domestic operations with retired Lieutenant Colonel R. Curtis McNeil. In part one of the interview, we offer a behind-the-scenes look at defense support to civil authorities and domestic operations leading up to, during, and after a

  • The Procedural Guide

    The procedural guide is an important step in the triggering of legal ramifications for both the accused and the government. Incorrect completion and reading of the procedural guide could have drastic consequences and result in needless litigation.