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  • Making Your Case with Witness Testimony

    Considering the decisive effect witness testimony has on the outcome of a trial, preparing witnesses for testimony and improving direct examination techniques will pay dividends for your case presentation.

  • AFJAGS Podcast, Episode 35

    We speak with Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force JoAnne Bass. We discuss her insights on “The Air Force We Need” including her insight on people, readiness, and culture.

  • Moon Wars

    Will the Cold War-era Outer Space Treaty survive in the current geopolitical environment? And if not, then what? Does the success of the Artemis Accords point towards further developments in the near future?

  • AFJAGS Podcast, Episode 34

    Part two of the Defense Personal Property Program or DP3 interview with Director Mr. Rick Marsh and USTRANSCOM attorney-advisor Mr. Bradley Richardson.

  • Show Me The Money

    While the Right to Financial Privacy Act (RFPA) used to be inapplicable to military practice, this article shows the new pre-referral compulsory process authorities likely make RFPA applicable in military courts-martial practice.

  • AFJAGS Podcast, Episode 33

    Two-part interview, where we speak with two guest experts, Defense Personal Property Program or DP3 Director Mr. Rick Marsh and USTRANSCOM attorney-advisor Mr. Bradley Richardson on the DP3 program.