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JAG Reporter Articles

The JAG Reporter is published by The Judge Advocate General’s School for the Office of The Judge Advocate General, United States Air Force. Use the navigation links to view articles in the various domains: Civil Law & Litigation, Leadership, Military Justice & Discipline, Operations & International Law, and Book Reviews. Also don't forget to explore our podcasts!


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  • AFJAGS Podcast, Episode 53

    In this Episode, we review the Lincoln on Leadership: Executive Strategies for Tough Times, by Donald T. Phillips.

  • AFJAGS Podcast, Episode 12

    In this episode, we discuss the Air Force JAG Corps Exchange Officer Program with Major Chris Bailey, the current exchange officer attached to the Royal Australian Air Force in Canberra Australia.

  • AFJAGS Podcast, Episode 11

    Part 2, of the interview with Brig Gen Mark Maldonado, the current Commander for the D.C. Air National Guard. In this part, we discuss his perspective on mentorship, the Air Force, tips for selecting a career path, and thoughts on the JAG Corp at large.

  • AFJAGS Podcast, Episode 10

    Part 1, of an interview with Brig Gen Mark Maldonado, the current Commander for the D.C. Air National Guard, who also holds the remarkable achievement of attaining 3 AF Specialty Codes (AFSCs) through his career as a pilot, personnelist, and a judge advocate.

  • AFJAGS Podcast, Episode 9

    In today’s episode we interview retired Major Eric McGreevy on "Effective Listening,” a topic rarely trained upon, generally misunderstood, but likely one of the most important skill sets in a leader’s toolbox.

  • AFJAGS Podcast, Episode 8

    Part 2 of a two-part interview with Captain Thomas Govan. In Part 2, we dive into Captain Govan's experience in oral argument before the U.S. Supreme Court and some of his main takeaways.