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  • Military Rule of Evidence 513

    This article outlines two C.A.A.F. opinions directly addressing Mil. R. Evid. 513, Mellette and Beauge, and the implications of C.A.A.F.’s decision to allow two Army Court of Criminal Appeal’s opinions, McClure and Tinsley, to stand.

  • Acknowledgment

    As part of a new series, “Timeless Leadership,” The JAG Reporter is reprinting articles from past issues on leadership and JAG Corps values. Our first edition comes from The Reporter, Volume 29-2 (June 2002), and serves as a reminder to all of the importance acknowledgment plays in the development

  • The Centaur’s Dilemma

    The eye-opening moment of The Centaur’s Dilemma comes when you realize you are not only gaining a profound perspective into National Security Law but you also learn how AI implications are in almost every legal practice area.

  • Combating Vicarious Trauma

    Mitigating vicarious trauma requires a comprehensive strategic plan that calls for the JAG Corps to develop and implement policies and initiatives to identify and mitigate vicarious trauma and its effect on Department of the Air Force military judges, litigators, and paralegals.

  • Is a Defense Contractor Knocking on Your Door?

    This article provides a series of best practices that attorneys can use to ensure their government clients successfully balance robust communications with industry while avoiding the pitfall of oversharing information.

  • Nothing. Everything.

    Fulfillment covers a lot of ground, but it is a book about the tertiary effects of e-commerce on both America as a whole and, in particular, the Rust Belt.

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