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  • AFJAGS Podcast, Episode 80

    We talk with Colonel Patricia Wiegman-Lenz and Major Sean McDivitt about their experiences serving as judge advocates in the United States Air Force, and more specifically, working in civil law and litigation capacities.

  • Fight Against Hybrid Threats

    We examine how increasingly the law is being used as an instrument of power and its own operational domain, particularly within the context of hybrid warfare and as an element of strategic power competition.

  • AFJAGS Podcast, Episode 79

    We talk with Retired Chief Master Sergeant David Haskins, the ninth Senior Paralegal Manager (now called Senior Enlisted Advisor) to The Judge Advocate General—the most senior paralegal position in The Judge Advocate General’s Corps. CMSgt Haskins was the first Black/African American, as well as the

  • Fundamentals of Good Leadership

    We look back to a Keystone Leadership Summit speech given by Major General (Ret.) John D. Altenburg, Jr. on the fundamentals of good leadership and successful organizations.

  • AFJAGS Podcast, Episode 78

    We sit down with Retired Colonel Susan McNeill, the first female Black/African American judge advocate to make the rank of colonel in any of the military services. Colonel McNeill shares some notable moments in her Air Force career—from being a procurement officer during the Vietnam War, to

  • AFJAGS Podcast, Episode 77

    We discuss integration in the Armed Services pursuant to Executive Order 9981, and research conducted related to the history of Black/African Americans in the United States Regular Air Force Judge Advocate General’s Corps.